Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big Island - part 1

I'm going to divide up this island into two parts since we stayed a full 6 days here....

It was nice to be settled at a place for a longer period of time. This hotel was quite nice. It has a fish pond, a luau on-site (more about this later), a restaurant, a patio/bar, a pool, and a lagoon. There were other restaurants (including Bumba Gumps – from the movie Forrest Gump) within walking distance plus stores and a farmer’s market. Our room had a microwave and a mini fridge to keep beer, pop and wine in it.

The day after arriving, we did some errands and laundry but didn’t roam too far. That night we were going to the Luau. They cook the pig right on site and there’s a huge buffet that included the pork, chicken, beef plus all sorts of other food. There was an open bar with mai tais already made up. DH even bought me a lei. BTW – those aren’t all MY drinks in front of me!

The show was really good as they did dances from all the different Polynesian cultures.

The following day was relaxing day for DH and I. B&Y wanted to drive up to the volcano and do some hiking. So we decided to have an R&R day. It was so nice to just sit on the patio and read. I could look out over the ocean and watch the waves and the boats. I also walked up to the farmer’s market up the street and bought some fresh pineapple (the guy even cut it up for me) and some small bananas (that had a slightly different flavour than we get at home). This little guy came for a visit while I was reading. And the flowers were in the farmer’s market.

Sunday took us off snorkelling again. THIS time I was prepared as I had bought one of those underwater/throw away cameras to take photos. It was a great place as it didn’t get too deep and there was a sheltered part with picnic tables where we could put our “stuff”. Again, there was LOTS of beautiful fish of all different colours BUT we didn’t see any turtles.

However, just after I came out after changing, Y came running over to say that there was a turtle right there at the shore! Cool – so I went over and took some photos. He didn’t pop his head of though but it was still really awesome to get that close to him (or her).

Unfortunately, I had forgotten to put sunscreen on and because my back was exposed while snorkelling it got the worst burn – OUCH! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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