Saturday, August 12, 2017

Virginia Bound - 2011

In June, 2011, we went down to Virginia (just outside D.C.) to visit our friends B&Y. We took along my parents.

(can't find the photo of the layout)

Air and Space Museum

We stopped at the Hershey factory on the way back home.

When I bought this I thought it was several peanut butter cups. It wasn't until I brought it home, that I realized it was one big giant cup!


Princess Ruby

This is our cruise ship, the Princess Ruby.  The first time we've ever been on one of the Princess lines.  We liked it!

The photo we bought from the cruise line. I scanned it and added the name of the ship. 

Finally on the boat sipping a margarita. 

 The view of St. Martin from the boat as we set sail.

Hubby in the pool. 


Looks like I've done a VERY BAD job at keeping this blog up-to-date.  I'll try to remedy that.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Grand Turk - 2011

St. Thomas US Virgin Islands - 2011

View of our ship from up top.
Note: this layout was published in Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine (woohoo!)

Coral World - 2011

Coral Word - St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

Monday, May 9, 2011

St. Martin - March 7-8

Since we had a full day in St. Martin we decided to rent a car but there weren't any available so we just walked up the road to the town. There was a marina and a market area so we shopped and walked around. We had a wonderful lunch and I got to practice my french (since we were on the french side). Later on, in the afternoon I had a nice refreshing swim in the pool.